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What application of 3D Flock transfer printing stickers

2021-03-12 17:33 Suki
The 3d Flock transfer printing stickers produced by Yanyan heat transfer has great advantages in the market

The biggest feature of Flock transfer printing stickers/3D Flock labels

 is that it has a fluffy touch, so it has a different aesthetic feeling from other Heat Transfer Vinyls.

1) Applicable fabrics: cotton, polyester, acrylic fiber and similar fibers.

2) It can be used in ball suit, swimsuit, cycling suit, outdoor suit, bag, shoe and cap industry.

The 3d Flock transfer printing stickers produced by Yanyan heat transfer has great advantages in the market, mainly reflected in the product quality, environmental protection, scalability, washability, no deformation after friction, easy weeding and other characteristics.

At the same time, the products are rich, and there are many colors to choose from. Now supply to many countries around the world, if you need, please contact us,free samples.

3D Flock transfer printing stickers

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